Although AMD is famous for their CPUs, they're also pretty great at making GPUs. In fact, they're pushing the technology into entirely new places.


Hält die GPU Noch Mit? (How Much Can a GPU Withstand?)

Factories don't just use LCD screens anymore. HD panels, HMI touch screens, and complex setups like augmented reality have all become normal. This has increased the need of GPUs in industrial organizations.

AMD wanted to present some of their latest breakthroughs in this field as part of their efforts to expand into the German industrial space. I got to interview several of their engineers and write up a detailed piece that touched on the historical context of GPUs, essential considerations when sourcing GPUs for industrial applications, something called bi-directional power management, and a whole lot more.

This piece was published in the German magazine Elektronik and reached a subscriber base of around 90,000. Don't happen to speak German? Here's a PDF of the original article.